Become a Instructor/Teacher Terms and conditions to become an instructor or a teacher

Techsteppers expect from all registered students and teachers that they follow the Indian cyber law, content protection law and to the international cyber and content protection law. Techstepers expect that all who are registered with TechSteppers do not publish, share or distribute the fake, illegal information and or contents in any way through TechSteppers or copying and publishing the contacts to other internet websites.

Dear Instructor, teacher or professor, thank you for enrolling on our educational website. By signing this agreement you are choosing to be a part of a dynamic and enthusiastic educational group, our aim is to impart education and cover all sections of society, especially economically weaker sessions.
This agreement with the terms and conditions is applicable to you, your clients, if you are using it for your clients and or any other purpose but here we would like to add that you need to inform us in writing if you plan to use the same contents for any other . you agree and are bound to the terms and conditions. We reserve all rights in making changes to the terms and conditions at any time without any notice. any contents published on the website techsteppers, you download any content or use the information/knowledge shared is purely on your own choice and we use to publish and provide information as per best practices and do not guarantee that this will be working for your testing or use in your development, test, acceptance or production environments. you agree that you will use this in any production use at your sole responsibility and we at techsteppers, our associates or members are not responsible for any website, application or system you break in any way. Should you disagree with any of the statement given here please discontinue your use of this website.
Payouts to the instructors may vary from batch to batch as per the count of students strength, as TecStepeppers goal is to help society getting best of online education on minimal expenses, we need our instructors and teachers to be supporting our cause and helping society by educating kids and spreading knowledge.
Every tuition or professional class or batch will be decided by TechSteppers and TechSteppers has rights to decide and change the payouts as and when are required.

Infrastructure and administration fees will be always a deducible part after the payouts are decided on any batch.
Instructor, teacher, trainers, who are registered with TechSteppers are not supposed to charge any of the enrolled students directly and on finding such one to one transactions between a student and teacher will be considered illegal and a legal action can be taken on it.
Feedback sessions will be conducted by Techsteppers either by sending the email or online on the portal which is subject to the system's readiness and if feedbacks are not good, students who are enrolled with techsteppers can claim a refund and that will be deducted from the instructor's payouts who has received the negative feedback.

In any event of the refund, Infrastructure and administration fees will not be refunded.
Every registered Tutor, instructor, teacher, the professor on Techsteppers is supposed to share his or her educational details and Techsteppers has right to ask for or verify the information provided as an evidence in support of the educational qualification.


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