Linux Administrator - Advanced Level

Linux administrator basic and advanced level, Linux shell, users management, disk management etc

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Linux Administrator - Advanced Level

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About this course:

Linux Advanced level course take you through the basics of linux till the advanced levels, where you will learn about core processes on linux like init, service/deamon management, LVM management, network level operations on Linux servers and apache at a glance.

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Weekend classes only. Two sessions a day from 7 AM -9 AM and 5PM - 7PM 

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Table of Content:

  • Time120hr Linux OS a background (copy protected)
    You will learn about LINUX operating system, how it came into existence, various verion transformation, features enhancements and kernel changes, We will cover training material on open source linux (Fedora, CentOS).
  • Time60hr Boot Process
    This session will cover Linux OS boot process like, MBR (Master boot record) loader, grub, kernel startup, execution of important boot level scripts, various run levels, daemons segregation as per run levels and various run level programs. Time - 1 Hour
  • Time60hr Kernel and HAL
    Overview on kernel with its source code which can be modified from publically available kernel distributions. Details on HAL and its new version known as udev, how its transformed and latest featured involved.
  • Time60hr Directory Structure
    n this session we will cover core directory structure of Linux operating system. we will cover in details about the bin, sbin, dev, etc and other important directories. Knowledge on directory structure is very important as this help to troubleshoot issues we some time encounter with OS.
  • Time120hr init Processes
    init is the core initialization group of scripts that manage Linux os from boot till it loads into the memory.
  • Time120hr Installations
    This session will cover the various installation methods, steps to install and overview to the basic and advanced server services that we can include while preparing the os installation, we will cover how to ensure that required services are installed and unwanted services are excluded while doing the os Installation.
  • Time120hr Core Services, an overview
    Core services/daemons overviewos daemons and their functionalities, like, iptables, tcp wrappers, web servers, proxy server, dns, dhcp.
  • Time60hr Linux shell and User groups
  • Time120hr Important commands - an Overview
    list files and directory
    - copy and move operation
    - important locations
    - basic admin tools
    - basic security
    - rpms and package management an overview
    - compilation an overview (rest in the advanced section)
  • Time120hr Disk Management
    - Understanding the storage system and various connection methods
    - Type of storage devices
    - Disk patterns on Linux/UNIX
    - Tools to manage the Disk space
  • Time120hr Web Server
    details about various web servers in use
    - Web server background and basics of DNS
    - how client query reach to server
    - name resolution
    - dns queries
    - building a web server, apache server in this course
    - permissions and access rights
    - important config files
    - virtual host setup
    - basic troubleshooting and web server tips and tricks
  • Time60hr Proxy Server
    Proxy services as overview
    Setup Proxy Server
    Important configuration Files
    basic background on proxy server
    - squid proxy
    - installation and setup process
    - rules
    - logging and customization
    - GUI tools setup
  • Time120hr backups and restores
    - backups basics
    - backups process and important factors
    - basics of patch management
    - os level patching
    - patching the installed packages
    - roll backs
  • Time90hr Review and Knowledge Test
    at the end of this course, participants will have to go for a completion knowledge test and TechSteppers will Award participants a certificate of course completion.


1. Desktop Computer/Laptop/Tablet

2. Internet connection (good to have at least 512kbps speed internet)

3. Good to have Ear phones or head sets

Course Details

  • Intermediate level
  • Course Duration 30 hours
  • 100 Users
  • 30 Session
  • Original Price: 10000
  • Price: 7500 (25% Off)
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Instructor Details
Pankaj Sharma

15 Years experience in IT

RHCE, MCP, OCS (Oracle Exalogic), ITIL v3, M.Sc PGDCA

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