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PHP Training Course

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About this course:

PHP is a server-side scripting language, which is extensively designed for website development. It is also used as an all-purpose programming language as it is user-friendly and efficient. PHP is an easy program language with logical syntax and well-described command functions. This programming language is scalable and can be easily used while writing codes, creating web applications and can also be relied upon while serving several web pages.

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Table of Content:

  • Time1hr The First Steps
    1. Introduction
    2. Course Overview
    3. Local Development Environment Tools
    4. Course Exercise / Reference Files
    5. Code Editor Installation (Optional if you have one)
    6. Embedding PHP in HTML
    7. Using Dynamic Data
    8. Inserting Comments in PHP
    9. Practice Section 1
  • Time2hr Data Types and More
    Variables in PHP
    Associative Arrays
    Practice Section 2
  • Time5hr Control Structures
    if Statements
    Comparison and Logical Operators
    Switch Statements in PHP
    While Loop in PHP
    For Loop in PHP
    Foreach Loop in PHP
    Practice Section 3
  • Time7hr Custom Functions
    Defining functions
    Function Parameters
    Return Values From Functions
    Global Variable and Scope
    Practice Section 4
  • Time5hr PHP Built-in Functions
    Math Functions
    String Functions
    Array Functions
    Practice Section 5
  • Time3hr How To Use Form Data in PHP
    Checking for Form Submission
    Extracting Information from a form
    Validating The Form Values
    External Page Submission
    Practice Section 6
  • Time15hr How To Use Databases in PHP
    Introduction to Databases
    Introduction to PHPMyAdmin
    Creating a Database in PHPmyadmin
    Creating Tables and Inserting Data in PHPMyAdmin
    The markup for Login Page
    Receiving Post Data From Check
    Connecting to the Database using PHP
    Creating Records into the database table with PHP
    Reading Information in the Database with PHP
    Creating the Update Records Form
    Fixing Name Attribute Value
    Query to Read Id's
    Query to Update Username and Password
    Refactoring The Update Query into a Function
    Delete Records From Database with PHP
    ReFactoring all Database Query Code into Functions
    Making All Files Modular and Refactoring
    Practice Section 7
  • Time5hr PHP Security
    SQL Injection - How to Prevent it
    Password Encryption
    Practice Section 8
  • Time3hr PHP and The Web
    Introduction to HTTP Requests and more
    Using The GET super Global
    Using the Post Super Global
    About Cookies in PHP
    Setting Cookies with PHP
    Reading Cookies in PHP
    How use Sessions in PHP
    Practice Section 9
  • Time5hr Object Oriented PHP Introduction
    What are classes and objects ? Introduction
    What are classes and how to define them in PHP
    What are class methods and how to create them
    How to instantiate a class
    Adding Properties to Our Class
    Class inheretance
    Data Access
    Static Data in Classes
    Practice Section 10


1. Basic Computer knowledge

2. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Programming concepts

3. Need a computer for practicals 



Course Details

  • Beginner level
  • Course Duration 60 hours
  • 50 Users
  • 30 Session
  • Original Price: 10000
  • Price: 2500 (75% Off)
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Vivek Dutt

10+ years experience in Web and Mobile App development


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