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We, at Techsteppers LLC are the team with a vision to spread education across society and help needy to be literate on IT field. Our mission is to touch every lives of society, getting associated and imparting education utilizing Internet. Stay tuned to our blog website and we will be coming live very soon as TechSteppers.com

iPhone 12(Mini)

Apple launched its new product iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, in October 2020. The new model is improved from the other models. It has the best camera, battery life, and screen size. In this blog, you will get to know all the specifications of the new iPhone 12 Mini. The Main Specifications of iPhone […]

Nginx on docker

Install the docker community edition on your server. once installed, as per your requirement, you can setup the NGINX container. we will follow the below steps – make an image using Dockerfile starting the container updating the nginx.conf file as per our env requirement starting the new container with nginx.conf mapping and ports mapping Dockerfile […]

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php laravel step by step

This tutorial is practical experience we use to learn php and laravel framework. First step is to have an php environment with laravel framework, a web server and a Database. you can install XAMP on your MAC/Windows/Linux I have setup the environment on my Linux server with mysql database. once your php setup is ready […]

Git Repo, push from linux server

To push an existing Project directory to Git Repository, follow below steps –

Laravel Add botman package

To install botman package cd into laravel project directory – composer require botman/botman Warnings – Class App\Http\Controllers\Controller located in ./app/Http/Controllers/admin/Controller.php does not comply with psr-4 autoloading standard. Skipping. > Illuminate\Foundation\ComposerScripts::postAutoloadDump > @php artisan package:discover –ansi

Weblogic SSL Setup

Cloud and on-premises Security

Are security appliances in your network sufficient to keep your infrastructure and applications safe? Cyber threats in the form of- Application exploits (code problems, weak ciphers, deprecated code usage etc.) Database vulnerabilities (SQL injections, privilege escalation, weak passwords stored, deprecated keywords usage) Malware phishing Various forms of network attacks like – Man in the middle Retrovirus […]

Docker and docker swarm, quick commands –

docker image ls docker ps -a docker container ls Docker Swarm – docker swarm init docker service ls docker service ps <name of the service> this will show the node where service is running docker swarm leave –force docker service logs kst-lv-de docker service logs kst-lv-de docker service ps kst-lv-dev docker service rm kst-lv-dev docker […]

Python by examples

Python is high level object oriented language and is getting acclaimed beacuase of its simple yet robust features to develop, automate and visualise the applications. Its data analystics capabilities are amazing. I am going to share the example programs that I am using while learining it …. Call a Function-: import os, time, sys print(“hello”) […]

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